1. Tupi or not Tupi  digital format / 14:53 min. / 2016.

  2. Based on the idea of the copy and the original, the project takes the form of a video essay articulating images and audios recorded within the premises of some museums and institutions around Paris including fragments of an interview with a representative of the Musée de la Contrefaçon de l’Union des Fabricants (literally, the Museum of Forgery of the Union of Manufacturers), whose collection exhibits falsifications or copies of everyday goods side by side their original references. 

    The project seeks to scrutiny the blurred boundary of our quotidian in which the notions of reproduction, preservation, hybridization, restauration and, ultimately, the sense of national and cultural pride are forged by analyzing the historical sedimentation of value of the ‘Made in France’ stamp and western culture within the Latin american context.