1. Blindspot  3 channels video projected on a metal pipe structure / digital format / 13:25 min. / 2015

  2. Made by mixing excerpts from peruvian films from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s; decades in which the country was immerse in a civil war between state forces and terrorist guerrillas. These movies depicted the age of violence and poverty that afflicts the political, social and cultural platforms of the country. The idea of this work is to create a sort of non-verbal narrative from the fragments of the following films: Alias La Gringa, dir: Alberto ‘Chicho’ Durant; The green wall and Mirage, dir: Armando Robles Godoy; The city and the dogs, dir: Francisco Lombardi; Kukulí and Hungry dogs, dir: Luis Figueroa; Gregorio, Miss Universe in Peru, Spoon, Crisanto the Haitian and Margot from the circus, dir: Chaski Group.